Posted on Oct 2, 2020

Zap Pest Control, Inc.

Reasons You Need Pest Control

There are pests that don’t cause danger or harm in or around your yards or home. But they will still annoy you and you don’t want to see them anywhere near your abode. Other insects, wildlife pests, and rodents can result into significant damage or the spread of disease to your pets and other family members. With professional pest control, you can eliminate or reduce both harmful and pesty pests.

Pesty pests include earwigs, most spiders, and stink bugs. Meanwhile, harmful pests include rats and mice, bedbugs, mosquitoes, termites, cockroaches, houseflies, racoons, and ants.

Rodents don’t just cause significant damage to your home, their droppings and urine may also spread disease. Bedbugs have invaded countless homes, hotels, and other places. Mosquitoes may also transmit disease with their bites. Termites cause billions of dollars-worth of damage each year in the U.S. Meanwhile cockroaches have been known to carry diseases like Salmonellosis.
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