Posted on May 18, 2020

Zap Pest Control, Inc.

Dealing With Fire Ants

If you stop and think about fire ants, I doubt you get really warm and fuzzy inside. After all, they are annoying, they pack a stinging bite, and they seem to multiply at record speed. But they are also a wonder of nature, a miracle bioengineering feat. They can be super tiny or as big as a quarter of an inch—not too shabby for an insect that’s microscopic! Fire ants are also easily identifiable because of their bodies being slightly darker than their heads, which are usually brown.

Their eating methods might be rather simple, but they are pretty complicated when it comes their digestion. They have incredibly strong mandibles, considering their small size. They cut and then chew through the skin in order to get busy sucking up the nutrients that are in liquid form. They even have 2 stomachs—the first one is used to store their own food, and the other stomach is used to store the food until they bring it back to the rest of their colony for them to feed on. Isn’t that nice!
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