Posted on Jun 18, 2021

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When should you be concerned about termites?

Termite control Myrtle Beach is crucial especially if you know your home is already infested with these pesky little critters. A termite damages your house by eating wood. Yes. You read that right. Termites eat wood. But not all termites that are in the colony eat wood. Knowing this is the first step to truly understanding why termite damage is common during the summer season.

What You Need To Know About Termite Control Myrtle Beach
Termites Come Out During Spring Season

Termites come out during the spring season. They are more active during this time compared to other seasons not because they do more damage but because during this time, termite swarmers are in the air. Termite swarmers tend to be male and female-winged reproductive that will leave their nests looking for mates and brand new locations to create new termite colonies and your home will be the perfect place for the new termite colonies to make it a home. However, this higher visibility doesn’t mean more property damage. The season when termites cause more damage is during the summer season and many homeowners need pest control solutions. You just don’t know it because the damages happen within the walls of your home and are not visible to you.
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