Posted on Jun 22, 2021

Zap Pest Control, Inc.

How often should you get your house sprayed for bugs?

Regular visits from your residential pest control Myrtle Beach professional include checking for signs or changes in pest activity, inspecting traps, or setting in place preventative measures to reduce pest populations. Having regular visits, even when the pests are not visible, will let the experts have the opportunity to check the infrastructure of your facility, building, or home and search for any pest-related threat. Apart from that, regular visits could also help cut down the cost of pest management.

For houses and apartments, regular pest control treatment is recommended on a quarterly basis or bi-monthly basis, to prevent common pest problems effectively or when you transfer to a new apartment or home. For infestations that are much more serious, it is advisable to get monthly treatments for three to six months. But the size of your building, the location, time of the year, weather conditions, and the type of pest you’re dealing with could all affect how often you need to have a pest control treatment.
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