Posted on Nov 25, 2019

Zap Pest Control, Inc.

How To Keep Bugs Off Your Home This Winter

If the temperature drops, you are not just the only one who would like to get inside your house. Winter could bring pests to your house as they also need to find a place to feel warm and cozy. To make sure that bugs are kept at bay this winter, here are a few pest control tips you need to remember.

Winter Pest Control Tips
Use Window Screens – be sure that your windows have screens to make an additional barrier to make sure that bugs are kept out during the winter season. Search for a 20 mesh or finer screens with openings that are too small for most pests to get through.

Seal Doors – bugs could search for ways to get inside your house through even the smallest of cracks. Be sure that your doors are tightly sealed when they are closed. Add weather stripping when necessary and use caulk to seal all the gaps where the door frame is in contact to the wall.
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