Posted on Jul 16, 2021

Zap Pest Control, Inc.

Why do rodents come inside during the summer?

Everybody enjoys the summer season, it’s time for fun barbeques and weekends. Did you know that rodents love this time of the year, too? You may have believed that rodents appear during the fall season but they do not necessarily keep away during summer. They still have to find shelter and food from the summer heat. In case your house is not properly protected by a professional rodent control company, it could be a wonderful all inclusive summer destination for rats and mice.

Rodent Control: Increased Population During Summer
In most cases, rodents will stay outdoors during the summer unless they make their way into your home. Since mice out in the wild tend to only breed during summer, they will bread and then multiply quickly in your house if they’re left undisturbed. The main reason why you see rodents less in house during normal temperatures is that there are enough shelter and food sources outside.
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