Posted on Sep 14, 2021

Zap Pest Control, Inc.

Why is Rodent Control Important?

Mice and rats are adaptable pests that can be found all year. They love to live in sheds, garages and gardens. Once they settle, they cause property damage and pose a threat to human health. They can also destroy local businesses. Regular residential rodent control programs can be used to keep these pests under control and prevent them from spreading disease.

Regular residential rodent control tips
Rodents can transmit diseases to humans by droppings, biting or spreading germs through their movement through dirty and contaminated waste. Rodents can contaminate food, causing food poisoning. They shed their hair everywhere they go and leave behind droppings. These pests can carry ticks and fleas that can easily infect pets and humans. That’s why you need the help of an exterminator.
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