Posted on Apr 30, 2021

Zap Pest Control, Inc.

Pest Control Tips: Getting Rid Of Stink Bugs

You’ll find a lot of stink bugs during fall and summer and that’s why you need to know some effective pest control tips. These seasons offer beautiful weather but they also bring about these little critters. Although they don’t cause you any harm, stink bugs can be a nuisance. You will most likely find them in screens, linens, and even in your lampshade.

You wouldn’t want to share your living space with these pesky critters, right?

Stink bugs have an earthy tone color and has an oval shaped body. It can grow up to ¾ inches thick. They are called stink bugs because they secret a malodorous stench when they believe that they’re under threat. This odor attracts other stink bug in the area. That’s why squashing these pests is not recommended.
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